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WATL had artists from three different countries collaborate to create the first World Axe Throwing Championship Trophy! At the end of this season one person will be the world champion and receive this monster trophy. It’s bigger than the Stanley Cup!


The Official World Axe Throwing League Rules (2018)

Tilted Axes TEAM League Rules and Outline


                • Tilted Axes League officials have final judgement for all throws made during competition.

                • Teams and players competing may request a judgement from an official incase both parties disagree. The “Honors System” 

                  is in effect. We expect all competitors to be honest and respectful to their opponents and league officials.

                • Non-throwers (spectators) cannot argue or challenge any rulings by league officials.

                • Once an axe is touched while in the target no judgment can be made. The lower number will be used as the official score 

                  for the throw in question if this occurs.

                • A player cannot touch an opponent’s axe at any time unless consent is given by the player or team. If an axe is touched 

                  without consent the player in question will be given a warning then disqualified if it happens again. Zero points will be 

                  given for each throw remaining that day for the disqualified individual.

                • All competitors must conduct themselves respectfully. Tilted Axes is BYOB and has the right to tell anyone to leave if they’re 

                  visibly intoxicated.

                • Tilted Axes has the right to suspend any player, team or spectator. Length of suspension will be determined by the severity  

                    of the act.

         Day and Time

               Tuesday 6:00pm-7:00pm Open-throw

                              7:00pm-8:30pm League Play


                  $17 per-person per week..(Down payment may be required, hence reducing weekly charge per player)

                 BYOB and BYO-Food Several establishments will be doing 10%-15% off all deliveries to Tilted Axes on League Night


                •No one besides a Tilted Axes League official can alter or update boards before, during or after any match (Includes watering 

                 the boards, chopping at the board to soften it, etc).

         Match format

                •Lane choice. A coin toss or agreement between both teams will be made to determine lane choice. A league official must 

                 approve agreement.

               • Warmup. Each player gets up to 5 practice throws after lane choice is determined. Once the match begins there will be no 

                 more practice throws allowed.

               • Players are encouraged to “tap axes” before game play begins. This is a sign of good sportsmanship, though it is not 


               • Each match consists of 5 players per team, 5 throws per player, each round, in a best of 7 series (first team to win 4 rounds is 

                 the winner). All points will be calculated for tiebreaker purposes.

               • “Killshot” can only be called on players 5th and final throw of every round.

               • Teams switch targets after each round.

               • If games are tied after 7 rounds, a tie breaker round will occur. Each player throws one time. Most combined points after each 

                 team member throws once will be the winner. If still tied after a tiebreaker the same rule applies until one team has more 

                 points after each team member has thrown. Killshot can be called at any time during a tie breaker.


               • 5 points awarded for bullseye, 10 points awarded for killshot, 4,3,2,1 is marked as well. If killshot is called and not hit, 0 

                 points will be awarded.

               • The axes final resting point will determine its score. If any part of the axe sticks on the board it will be scored according to 

                 where it lands on the target. This means blade, handle or any other part of the axe.

               • If any part of the axe is touching a black line, the higher score will be awarded. Example: If any of the black surrounding 

                 bullseye is touching the axe, 5 points will be awarded.

               • The axe must remain on the board until the player retrievers the axe to be awarded points. If the axe falls before it is  

                 retrieved, zero points will be awarded.

          Regular season and playoff format

               • 16 week season. Week 10 -15 will be playoff weeks, week 16 will be Championship and banquet.

               • Each team will have 1 bye week (off week)

               • Each team may have up to 2 substitute players each week. If no substitute is available you may ask another team for a “fill 

                 in”. This fill in can only substitute for the team only 1 time per night and per season. One and done.

               • 2 loss elimination aka double elimination. Winners and losers bracket. The final match will be against an undefeated and a 1 

                 loss team. Meaning the team with 1 loss will have to beat the undefeated team in 2 straight games in order to become 


               • Every team will make the playoffs.

               • Brackets and seeding will be made according to the regular season standings. The team with the best record will play the 

                 team with the worst record and so on. If there is an odd number of teams, the team with the best record will receive a bye in 

                 the first round of the playoffs and automatically advance to the 2nd round.

               • Same rules and format in the regular season apply to the playoffs including tie-breaker rules. 

"Team" League Application 

After you have organized your team, and verified availability for each team member please fill out application.  

Please add each players full name (no nick names please)
Get Ready For An Awesome Season of Axe Throwing!!!